Let's Make a Music!

A comedy podcast that makes a new song every week from your suggestions.

come look at me

LMaM 40 — Gentle Light

It's almost the time of the year to cozy up under the HEAVIEST blankets with the WARMEST cats. And we might just end up making a sincere song about it.

And we also have some important news for you at the end of the episode! Not the best news, but important news nonetheless!

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LMaM 26 — Save 2 4 Tony

It's graduation season, and I think we all know what that means: hats, diplomas, and roman candles. But hold up there, champ. Better save two of those for the bird man himself: Tony Hawk.

LMaM 23 — Arbor Day!

It's sensual. It's syrupy. It's going to tell you all the facts about trees you need to know (and also require you to fact check those facts). Arbor Day is finally here at LMaM, and we're celebrating.