Let's Make a Music!

A comedy podcast that makes a new song every week from your suggestions.

come look at me


Sometimes, you have a good idea for a music... but making a music is so hard!

That's where the Jonah, Laura, and Brian come into the equation. We're three roommates with an ever changing band name. On Mondays, we peel back the curtain on the songwriting process, and boy oh boy is it gross behind that curtain.

Every week, listeners submit song title suggestions to @letsmakeamusic, and we turn it into a brand new song. Any style. Any topic. The only defining feature is that it's always a chart topper.




Who's in this podcast?


Laura Kathryn Gilbert


Laura is a sister to Brian and a mentor to Jonah in things related to making slime out of kitchen supplies. She is a writer and likes to eat 80% of the way through ice cream pints before leaving the rest in the freezer for a few months. Zuko, the cat, loves her the most.


Jonah Scott


Jonah is a roommate to Laura and Brian and stands at least six inches above both of them. He is a professional recording engineer, which means it's almost a crime that he has to produce the strange music we create on the podcast. Zuko, the cat, loves him second most.

brian and zuko

Brian David Gilbert


Brian is a brother to Laura and has called Jonah his roommate for the past six years even though they've only lived together for two of those years. He is a video producer and folds his laundry in a terrible fashion. Zuko, the cat, handles Brian pretty well, I guess.